Always wanted to appreciate beer, but never really seen the appeal? Well, we can help.

Step one: come and find us. (Or: get in contact with us via our contact page.)
Step two: taste a beer chosen for you by one of our staff after they ask a few quick questions about your prior experience with beer, your usual tastes, etc.
Step three: fall in love.

Okay, it’s not always going to be that simple and we can’t promise to make you love beer, but we can promise that we have all sorts of beers here from draught beers to bottled beers to cask conditioned beers, and they come in all shapes and sizes. We have sweet beers, bitter beers, famous beers, infamous beers, flavoured beers, traditional beers, light beers, strong beers, beers from all over the world, beers from just down the street, craft beers, commercial beers…

In other words, we can help you figure out something you like. There’s such a vast range of beers, there’s probably something to suit almost anyone if you’re interested enough and open minded enough to keep trying. We also know everything about the right temperature to serve beer, the right kind of drinking vessels, and how these might vary between beers and regions. And if beer has to travel significantly to reach us, we give it time to settle down again before we serve it.

We’re not going to give you your money back if we get it wrong, but it is important to us that people learn to appreciate beer. It’s been a staple drink for the human race for a long long time, and we want to share with you exactly why that is! It’s not just about profit for us: it’s a huge cultural thing that we’re proud to be a part of. So give it a try, please.

Pretty please?


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