Making the move and start your own business always comes with doubts and fears. That is entirely normal and it was not any different for us. To be honest, when we are thinking back about the time when we prepared the move to start Authentic Bieres we were literally scared. It was our good old friend Greg Thompson who kept encouraging us to pursue our dream. We have known Greg for a very long time and we can not thank him enough for what he has done to make Authentic Bieres succeed. Greg’s business background lies in the online casino industry. He had close business ties with giants like Mr. Green, the Mr. Green Freispiele for example, was something he was closely working on.

When we meet Greg today and we are talking about those times we are literally laughing out loud. It is just feeling too unreal that something like the MrGreen Freispiele helped to build an online beer market. But that connection is real and it seriously happened like this: Greg’s success in the online gambling industry provided the foundation for our project. Greg’s experience with the project of Mrgreen Freispiele helped us to avoid some classical mistakes of new business owners. Since we decided to favor an online shop over a real store, we needed to attract an audience, people who love and enjoy a glass of ice-cold beer as much as we do. It is not that those people are not out there, the real problem is. How do those people find our store? Well basically in the same way as an online casino player finds the offer of the MrGreen Freispiele. And right here came Greg into the game.

Greg told us things we have never heard of before. Search engine rankings or SEO was a mystery for us. But Greg taught as all we needed to know and before we knew it, the first order of Authentic Bieres came in. Ok, we admit it, we love our beer. But with computers and the Internet, we are rather amateurs. Authentic Bieres also needed a kickstart in terms of finances. The next thing we had to learn was, you might have a great idea, but without the necessary funding, it will remain just that, an idea. To lunch Authentic Bieres we needed a selection of beers to start with. We basically had to buy and order beer to build up a stock we can send out to our customers. But we also had to store that stock somewhere, it was a vicious circle and we could not find a way out.

Once again it was our dear friend Greg who saved the day for us and Authentic Bieres. He told us another secret while working for the online casinos like MrGreen Freispiele he earned quite a few bonuses. Without us asking he immediately offered us a big part of his bonuses to help us starting Authentic Bieres. By now everything was paid back of course. Without Greg, Authentic Bieres would not exist and we can not thank him enough for all he did for us.


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